Values of the People's Postcode Lottery
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Our Core Values

Right from the start, the employees of Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries were inspired by four words. And these words, these values, continue to ensure that the heart of the Postcode Lotteries in Great Britain, Sweden and the Netherlands keeps beating strongly:

  • Courageous
    We have the courage to act outside the established framework and come up with solutions that others have not yet tried. We put ourselves behind the courageous charities and NGO's.

  • Fun
    Players have fun and win prizes and we enjoy our work too! Through the charitable organisations, we make people and planet happy with our support. We make good citizenship fun.

  • Sharing
    Our winners share the prizes. Our beneficiaries share in the lotteries' net contributions, and they, in turn, share them with their own beneficiaries. We share our knowledge and skills with each other. And all of this is for the benefit of the planet that we share together.

  • Sustainable
    We strive for sustainability in everything we do, from the way we act to the way we work.