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Charities and Trusts

Charities are at the very heart of what we do and are the reason we exist. With 16 Trusts and 65 supported charities, it’s fair to say that the Charities team have their hands full. With 31% of each ticket sold being donated to charity, it is the Charities team's responsibility to distribute the proceeds fairly.

As well as managing accounts, building relationships and increasing awareness of our supported charities, our team gets involved with charities that we may support in the future, by supporting them with their funding applications, whether it is for a one-off donation as part of our small grants scheme, or for continuous support. The Charities team also have the great role of delivering the news to charities when they have been successful in their application for funding.

As well as their normal day job, the Charities team help to plan and organise; ‘The Charity Gala’, a yearly event where members from our team and the supported charities come along and celebrate the funding each charity has received.
Sanjay Singh

Sanjay Singh

Trusts Manager

I enjoy working here because the culture is truly unique; it is a fun yet professional organisation that ensures that the team is working in an environment, where every day, we remember why we are here: for people and planet.

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